The History of Signode

Brands, Products that Evolved Through Innovation

Signode Packaging Ireland Ltd is part of Crown Holdings Inc, a listed company on the NYSE. Signode's 100-year history dates back to 1913, when the Seal and Fastener Company opened in Chicago following the invention of a new technology that allowed distributors to tighten and seal a strap of steel around shipping containers without using nails.

Three years later, the company was renamed Signode. To this day, this well-known brand continues to be an innovator in product development, industry technology and international growth. Early on, Signode pushed for international exposure, beginning in the United Kingdom and Germany in 1923. Many product innovations followed including: the first fully automatic strapping machine in 1946; a plastic strap that requires 40% less raw material to manufacture; and the first battery-operated hand tools for plastic and steel strapping.

Strong Heritage for Many Company Brands

In 1986, Signode and Mima Packaging Systems were acquired by ITW, and they joined the company’s Industrial Packaging Group. The group continued to expand during the next 25 years, acquiring many premium brands around the world and becoming a multi-billion dollar manufacturer in the process.

Strap Packaging

In addition to Signode, many of the strapping brands have a strong heritage of being leaders and innovators in their field. For example, Acme Packaging has provided packaging solutions for 134 years and Zurich-based ORGAPACK has operated for nearly 90 years. Strapex has been in business for nearly 60 years, and Kiwiplan has been a leading supplier of software solutions for packaging industries for more than 30 years.
The list of renowned brands in strapping packaging continues with Fleetwood among others.

Stretch Packaging

The stretch packaging brands, including Mima, Muller, Haloila, and H.Bohl, also are longtime industry innovators. In 1983, Haloila introduced Octopus, the world’s first automatic wrapping machine using ring technology. Other brands in stretch packaging include Lachenmeier, in business since 1969; Lock N’ Pop; and Loveshaw, founded in 1962 with an invention for sealing corrugated boxes.

Protective Packaging

The 50-year-old brand Angleboard manufactures recycled cardboard edge products and corner boards. Angleboard also is a leading manufacturer of recycled packaging supplies and products used for sustainable protective packaging.
Multi-Wall Packaging, founded in 1922, was the latest brand to join the protective packaging segment when it was acquired in 2011. Other brands in this segment include the 24-year-old Caretex, Dacro, Down River and the 40-year-old Shippers Products.
Taken together, these distinguished brands are in a class of their own with a track record of leadership and innovation in the industrial packaging industry.